The 33th Annual Convention
Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

December 2-3, 2000 Kyurian, Tokyo, Japan

Chairperson of Organizing Committee: ONDA Akira

December 2 (Saturday)

12:30 Registration
13:00 Opening Address@@ONDA Akira

Research Reports:@Chairperson: IZUMI Hideo
13:05 The Effects of Title and Terminology on the Impressions in Psychics
        IMAIZUMI Toshiaki
13:35 Fifth Report on a PSI Experiment with the Paired Quadruplet Associates
        HAGIO Shigeki
14:05 Mystery on Non-Locality of Mind in Space-Time
        BABA Sumio
14:35 Discussion

Report Chairperson: JINDATE Ryota

15:30 Report on the Summer Study Program at Rhine Research Center
        ISHII Yukiko

General Meeting (17:05-18:35)

December 3 (Sunday)

9:30 Registration

Lecture Chairperson: KOKUBO Hideyuki
10:00 Human Potential Science Research Projects and Concept of "Human Potential Science Institute (Human PSE)"
        YAMAMOTO Mikio

12:00 Lunch Break

Symposium Chairperson: HAGIO Shigeki

13:00 Health and Parapsychology
        Speakers: AZUMA Nagato
                      ONDA Akira
                      Carl Becker

17:00 Closing Address
18:00 Banquet