The 34th Annual Convention
Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

December 23, 2001 Arcadia Ichigaya Shigakukaikan, Tokyo, Japan

Place: Arcadia Ichigaya Shigakukaikan
Kudan-kita 4-2-25, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073, Japan
Date: December 23rd (Sunday), 2001
Registration Fees:
Member 4,000yen, Student Member 2,000yen
Non-Member 5,000yen Non-Member (Student) 3,000yen
Optional Fees Lunch: 1,500yen
Banquet: 4,500yen


9:15 Registration
9:30 Opening Address SUGISHITA Morihiro (Univeristy of Tokyo)
9:31- President's Address OTANI Soji (Professor Emeritus, National Defense Aca

Research Reports I
Charipersons: ISHIKAWA Masato (Meiji University), HIRATA Tsuyoshi

The preliminary experiments about psi of some psychic entertainers - Case 1

The preliminary experiments about psi of some psychic entertainers - Case 2

Qualitative Study of a Spontaneous High-Score Result During PK Experiments wit
WATANUKI Osaaki (Japan Psychic Science Association)

Receivers' EDA Transition of DMILS in Remote Action Experiments
KOKUBO Hideyuki1,2, YOICHI Hideo1,2, CHEN Weizhong1,2,
YAMAMOTO Mikio1, KAWANO Kimiko3,1 and FUKUDA Nobuo1
(1 National Institute of Radiological Sciences, 2 The Institute for Future T
echnology, 3 Nippon Medical School)

10:40-10:45 Intermission

Research Report II
Chairpersons MIZOGUCHI Hajime (Rissho University),
IZUMI Hideo (Professor Emeritus, National Defense Academy)

Relation between probability judgment and paranormal belief
IMAIZUMI Toshiaki (KACHI Hospital)

An interim report: A try of Public Relation
ISHII Yukiko (National Institute of Public Health)

A Mail Survey of Parapsychological Association Convention in Japan
AZUMA Nagato (Kofukuji Eye Center)

11:30-12:00 Discussion

12:00-12:30 General Meeting
12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-14:15 Tutorial Session I
Chairperson: TAKENO Ryohei (Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital)
A Research Trend in North America 2001
KOKUBO Hideyuki (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, The Institute
for Future Technology)

14:15-15:00 Tutorial Session II
Chairperson: ARAKI Mikio (Enzanshimin Hospital)
Biology and Parapsychology
HIRAFUJI Masayuki (National Agricultural Research Organization)

15:00-15:45 Tutorial Session III
Chairperson: MAEDA Hiroshi (International Christian University)
Neuroimaging Studies on Altered Consciousness
SUGISHITA Morihiro (University of Tokyo)

15:45-16:00 Intermission

Round Table: Non-Published Key Factors of Parapsychological Study
Chairperson: IMAIZUMI Toshiaki (KACHI Hospital)
What is Publication
Panelist: ONDA Akira (Professor Emeritus Toyo University)
Exploration of Experience of Past Life by Automatic Writing
Panelist: OTANI Soji (Professor Emeritus, National Defense Academy)
Insight and Decision in Research

17:00- Closing Address IMAIAZUMI Toshiaki (Secretary-General of Society)

17:30-20:00 Banquet
Place: Arcadia Ichigaya Shigakukaikan
Fee: 4,500yen

Head Office of the Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

c/o Kachi Hospital,
Matsubara 63, Yayoi, Toyohashi,
Aichi 441-8555 JAPAN