The 35th Annual Convention
Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

15, December 2002 Hokutopia, Tokyo, Japan

Place: Hokutopia, Tokyo, Japan
Date: 15, December 2002

Registration Fees:
Member 4,000yen, Student Member 2,000yen
Non-Member 5,000yen Non-Member (Student) 3,000yen
Banquet: 6,000yen

10:00  Registration
10:30  Opening Address
    HIRAFUJI Masayuki(Chair of the Annual Convention)
10:45  President's Address
  OTANI Soji(Professor Emeritus, National Defiance Academy)

Research Reports (Oral Presentations)
11:00 Research on Metal Bending of Some Psychic Entertainer
11:20  Data Analyses of a Field Random Number Generator
Hideyuki KOKUBO, Hideo YOICHI and Mikio YAMAMOTO
(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
11:40  Mysterious Experience of Nurse Staff
Ryota JINDATE (Public Health Nurse / Yokosuka Health Center)
12:00 Reporter's Effect on Interpretation about Paranormal Episodes
    Imaizumi Toshiaki (Kachi Hospital)
12:20  Lunch

Tutorial Session
13:30 Recent Research in Russia
Hideyuki KOKUBO1, Hideo YOICHI1, Mikio YAMAMOTO1
and Kimiko KAWANO2
(1National Institute of Radiological Sciences, 2Nippon Medical School)
14:30 Abnormal experiences caused by transcranial magnetic stimulation and cortical
electrical stimulation.
(Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine, University of

15:30  Coffee Break

15:45  General Meeting

16:15  Discussion
How can we engage in research for Parapsychology?
    Organizer:HIRAFUJI Masayuki(Chair of the Annual Convention)

17:00 Closing Address
IMAIZUMI Toshiaki(Secretary-general of Society)

18:00 Banquet

Head Office of the Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

c/o Kachi Hospital,
Matsubara 63, Yayoi, Toyohashi,
Aichi 441-8555 JAPAN