The 36th Annual Convention
Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

6-7, December 2003  Curian, Tokyo, Japan

Place: Curian 6th floor (Meeting Room), Higashi-ooi 5-18-1, Shinagawa,
    Tokyo, Japan; near Ooimachi Station (JR Keihin Tohoku line);
    Tel 03-5479-4100
Date: December 6-7 (SAT/SUN) 2003
Chair of the 36th Annual Convention: ARAKI Mikio

Registration Fees(Excluding of Banquet: 4000yen)

     Member: 2000yen, Student Member: 1000yen
     Non-Member(adult): 3000yen, Non-Member(student): 1500yen

Dec.6 (SAT)

12:30  Registration
13:00  Opening Address Araki M.
13:05  Research Reports (Oral Presentations) Chair: Hirafuji M.

       Imaizumi T.: Relation between Scientific knowledge and Paranormal belief in college students

       Watanabe M.: The Study of Psychokinetic Metal Bending (PKMB)
               - Experiments and Examination by Video Images and Micrographs -

       Kokubo H., Chen W, Yoichi H. & Yamamoto M.: Analysis by Signal Detection Theory for
               DMILS Experiment

14:20  Discussion
15:15  Special Lecture Chair: Takeno R.

       Kokubo H.: Report on 46th Annual Convention of Parapsychological Association

16:00  General Meeting of the Society

Dec.7 (SUN)

10:00  Registration
10:30  Invited Special Lecture Chair: Watanabe M.

       Kobayashi N.: The Infrared Video Research of Photogens

12:00  Lunch
13:00  Symposium Chair: Araki M.
13:05  Invited Special Lecture

       Yukawa K.: Fabric of reality:universe, consciousness and meta-fiction

14:05  Special Lecture

       Ishikawa M.: Theoretical Studies in Parapsychology

15:05  Coffee Break
15:20  Special Lecture

       Watanabe T.: Solve the hard problem by the "reverse physiological optics",
              solve the harder problem by " samsara"

16:20  Discussion Commentators: Hirafuji M. and Kokubo H.
17:20  President's Address Otani S.
17:30  Closing Address Imaizumi T.

Banquet (Curian 8th floor, Azalea Garden)

Head Office of the Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

c/o Kachi Hospital,
Fujimi 456, Minami-ooshimizu, Toyohashi,
Aichi 441-8555 JAPAN