The 37th Annual Convention
Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

December 18-19 (SAT/SUN), 2004.
Hokutopia, Tokyo, Japan

Place: Hokutopia, Tokyo, Japan
Date: December 18-19 (SAT/SUN) 2004
Chairperson of the 37th Annual Convention: Masato Ishikawa

Registration fees (Excluding of Party)
Member: 2,000yen
Student Member: 1,000yen
Non-member (adult): 3,000yen
Non-member (student): 1,500yen
December 18 (SAT)
Scientific Approach for Spiritual Healing
12:00 Registration
12:55 Opening Address: Masato Ishikawa (Chairperson of Organizing Committee)

Invited Lectures Chairperson: Michiaki Watanabe
13:00 Measurement and Assessment of Effect on Spiritual Healing
Seiya Uchida and Yasutami Tsuda (MOA Health Science Foundation)

14:00 Present States of Scientific Approach to Spiritual Healing
Mami Kido (Tohoku-Gakuin University)

15:00 Coffee Break

Special Lectures Chairperson: Hideyuki Kokubo

15:15 Synchronization in Brain Wave between Healer and Clients
Kazumasa Shiga (Brain Functions Research and Development Center)

16:15 A Brief Report of Resent Studies of Field REG:
Studies Presented in the 47th PA Meeting and Preliminary Field Research in Religious Rituals in Brazil
Tatsu Hirukawa (Meiji University. INPP of University of Dr. Bezerra de Menezes)
Commentator: Nagato Azuma

December 19 (SUN)
Research Papers / Meeting / Symposium / Party

9:30-11:30 Research Papers Chairperson: Ryohei Takeno
(1) Measurements and Analyses of RNG Data Obtained in Sports Events
Masato Ishikawa (Meta-Parapsychology Laboratory, Meiji University)

(2) Psi Inducive Training for Brazilian Children
Hideyuki Kokubo1, Fabio Eduardo da Silva2, Sibele Pilato2, Reginaldo Hiraoka2 and Mikio Yamamoto1
(1. International Research Institute, 2. Faculdades Integradas Espirita)

(3) Mental Health Does Not Correlate with Paranormal Belief Imaizumi Toshiaki (Kachi Hospital)

(4) A Study into the Relationship between Animism or Feng Shui Theory and Conservation of Nature Jack H Iguchi (Environmental Education Section, Graduate School of Environmental Science, Aomori University)

11:30-12:20 Meeting

13:20 Symposium on the 30th Anniversary of Psychic Children
Masato Ishikawa (Coordinator, Chairperson)

13:30 Spoon-Bending "Commotion" Appeared on Press in Japan
SHIMIDZU Kadzuwo (Nihhon Institute for Critical Science (NICS))

14:30 The Great Communication Balance - A wish to quit the life of a Psychic -
Masuaki Kiyota
Commentators: Yuichi Hayase and Hideo Haga

15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 The Condition of Macro-PK Effects
Shigemi Sasaki (Professor Emeritus, University of Electro-Communications)

16:15 Problems in Psi Research with 'Psychic' Participants
Soji Otani (President of the society. Professor Emeritus, National Defense Academy)

16:45 Discussion Commentators: Akira Numata and Kazumasa Shiga

17:45 Closing Address Toshiaki Imaizumi (Secretary-General)

18:00-20:30 Party

Head Office of the Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP)

c/o Kachi Hospital,
Fujimi 456, Minami-ooshimizu, Toyohashi,
Aichi 441-8555 JAPAN