Japanese Society for Parapsychology


   The Japanese Society for Parapsychology (JSPP) has been founded to enhance research activities in parapsychology in Japan. JSPP is making research plans, having various events and meetings, and publishing printed matters including the Japanese Journal of Parapsychology (JJP). JSPP would like to welcome people who want to join parapsychological studies of various kinds.
   Parapsychology was developed from psychical research. With the basic methods produced by J. B. Rhine who established parapsychology in 1930s, modern parapsychology is growing with help of present-day psychological technology (e.g., Ganzfeld and remote viewing experimentation).
   Through co-operation among members to develop the research, JSPP would explore the fundamental human nature and make a contribution to human beings and their society. 

Brief History of JSPP

    In Japan, academic people interested in parapsychological topics had opportunities to talk on their interests and decided to have an organization in University of Tokyo in 1963. Its active members were Soji Otani (National Defense Academy, Japan), Akira Onda (Toyo University) and Motoki Kanazawa (Takenodai High School).
   In 1968 they founded the Japanese Society for Parapsychology, and the first president was Toranosuke Oguma [1888-1978], professor of psychology of Meiji University. Since then JSPP has held its Annual Conventions once a year. In 1996, JSPP has started publishing the Japanese Journal of Parapsychology in which research articles are written in Japanese or English with an English/Japanese abstract.

  1. The annual convention is held on December in Tokyo.
  2. Monthly study meetings are held in Tokyo.
  3. The Japanese Journal of Parapsychology is published twice a year.
The staffs

President: Soji OTANI
(Emeritus Professor, National Defense Academy, Japan)

Advisor: Akira ONDA
(Emeritus Professor, Toyo University)

Chief of the Managing Committee: Morihiro SUGISHITA
(Ex-Professor, University of Tokyo)

Editor-in-Chief: Hideyuki KOKUBO
(Researcher, International Research Institute)

Editor of the Electronic Newsletter of JSPP: Hideyuki KOKUBO
(National Institute of Radiological Sciences)

Managing Committee Members: Hiroki IGUCHI


the Japanese Society for Parapsychology
Chuo 4-26-14, Nkano,
Tokyo 164-0011 JAPAN